Privacy Policy


(1)             PRIVACY POLICY


(a)             Introduction


In order to become a Customer, and to receive the Services, you may from time to time be required to submit personal information to us. The personal information collected from you is the information that is considered necessary for the purposes of opening up the Account, the provision of the Services and/or for complying with applicable laws and regulations (as morefully explained below). By providing your information, you are agreeing to our privacy policy (as set out below) (“Privacy Policy”) and the other terms and conditions set out in these T&C.  Furthermore, by providing the required information, you are deemed to have granted to each of us a royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable license to collect, use and/or retain the information for and in relation to the aforesaid purposes.


For your information, personal information may be collected from you and used and/or retained for the following:


·               To verify your identity: As part of the process of onboarding you as a ‘Customer’, we will need to verify your identity.


·               To provide you with any Services, or information regarding the same, and to review your requirements: we may collect and use your personal information to provide you with any Services, and to comply with our obligations under these T&C (and under applicable laws and regulations, if any). 


·               To help us improve our services: we may from time to time collect and use personal information provided by you to help us improve our services.


·               Marketing:  we may collect and use your personal information to send you marketing communications such as group promotional campaigns by email or phone or via your registered Account on this Platform. This is to ensure that you are kept up to date with any latest information in relation to the Services. You may however choose to unsubscribe from receiving any such marketing communications by unclicking the relevant checkbox in the Account settings or Account page (when opening an Account) or by clicking ‘unsubscribe’ in the marketing emails sent by us.  


·               Record keeping: we may need to retain your personal information for internal business and research purposes and record keeping purposes.  


Please note that the above list is non-exhaustive and your personal information may be collected, used and/or retained for additional purposes which have not been set out above.


(b)            Changes to our Privacy Policy


We reserve the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy as and when we wish to do so.  Any changes to this Privacy Policy shall be effective as and when they are made available on this Platform. The continued use of this Platform and/or Services implies that you are in agreement with such changes.


(c)             Disclosures


We shall take all reasonable measures to ensure that your information is protected at all times. However, we reserve the right to disclose your information when it is considered necessary to do so, including for the purposes of operating this Platform and for providing Services. 

We may in particular (and without limitation) disclose your information in the following instances:


·                to the Delivery Service Providers (and/or their agents, bankers, consultants, and professional advisers), subject to ensuring that they are bound by confidentiality obligations at least equivalent to those contained in this Privacy Policy; 


·                in the event of a merger, acquisition, or any other operation which has the effect of changing the control of us, we may be required to disclose your information to the other party interested in the business such as the entity (or entities) that wishes to merge or otherwise acquire the relevant entity (and/or their agents, bankers, consultants, and professional advisers). In such an event, the personal information of all the Customers may be disclosed. We will keep you informed in the event of such a transition, at the relevant time (as we deem appropriate). Furthermore, we shall ensure that such other parties to whom information is transferred are bound by confidentiality obligations at least equivalent to those contained in this Privacy Policy;


·                we may disclose your personal information as required by law, a court of competent jurisdiction or any governmental or regulatory authority; and


·                we may disclose your personal information to other third parties for the purposes of maintaining and improving this Platform and/or for the provision of the Services. This may include but is not limited to engaging with third parties to outsource certain functions of our business. We shall take all reasonable measures within our capacity to prevent the unauthorized disclosure of information, but shall not be responsible where such unauthorized disclosure occurs and causes any loss or damage (unless we have been grossly negligent, engaged in misconduct or acted fraudulently) or the actions or omissions of third parties.   


(d)            The use of cookies


‘Cookies’ are small files that are stored on the computer of any user of this Platform. Like many other platforms, we use cookies for the purposes of improving and personalizing your user experience.  Although most web browsers automatically accept cookies, many browser’s settings can be set to decline cookies. However, deletion of cookies may result in limited functionality of this Platform for you.


(e)             The use of external platforms 


The use of this Platform may give Customers access to external sites such as social media webpages, other platforms/websites etc. Such pages are not governed by this Privacy Policy or in general, by these T&C (except as expressly and unequivocally otherwise set out herein). We cannot confirm the security of such platforms and shall not be responsible for the actions or omissions of such third parties. We shall not be held responsible for the loss or misuse of information that may occur in the event third parties have access to your information through the use of such external sites.  



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